Developing Applications with PI AF SDK (June 2015) - Introduction

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Hi Everyone,


My name is Daphne Ng from the PI Developers Club Team. Barry Shang and I will be your facilitator for the next 3 weeks for the Developing Applications with PI AF SDK workshop.


To get more information about the workshop, I invite you to start by checking out the Course Structure page. The duration of the course is 3 weeks. Start early so you will have plenty of time to plan and work on the final project! If you have any questions regarding lectures, exercises, or anything else, please feel free to post them in the discussion thread: Developing Applications with PI AF SDK (June 2015) - Questions and Answers.


The video lectures and all the information pertaining to the class can be found in the section here.


Finally, I would like you to introduce yourself briefly and share with us one goal for you during this workshop. Let me start first:


I am currently a member of the PI Developers Club team. Before joining the team, I was a Technical Support Engineer based in Philadelphia, PA. I have been involved with the Programming Hackathon as well as the PI AF SDK TechCon lab at this year's User Conference. My goal for these 3 weeks is to introduce and help you navigate and master the PI AF SDK .NET library, as well as to help you develop applications that will be useful and add value to your organization.


I look forward to great discussions in the next few weeks!