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How to get AF Attribute with (TimeMethode: TimeRange) from Datalink with given time context?

Question asked by gmucsina on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by bdeslatte


We are working on a KPI system which should calculate specific energy consumption for time periods.


The AF Attribute would be a good way to do it [Attr1:Energy Consumption(TimeMethode: TimeRange, Total) // Attr2:Feed(TimeMethode: TimeRange, Total)  // Attr3:Specific(Function: Attr1/Attr2)].


This calculattion is fine in CoreSight, but our users prefer Datalink+Excel+Excel...+Excel for everything.


So my question is, how AF time context can be handled from Datalink? What Datalink function should we use to get the AF attribute with a given Time Context. Thank You in advance for your help.