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    Processbook display on web page




      I just thought of displaying my processbook  over web page(ASP) and updating the PI tags dynamically in the same page like in coresight so that it can accessed by anyone. Is this possible?




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          Asle Frantzen



          No, not directly. You basically have two options for displaying ProcessBook displays for web;


          1. PI Coresight


          2. PI WebParts in Sharepoint, using the PI Graphics webpart.


          If you go for Coresight you can try putting it in an iframe and display it in your webpage together with other components (such as a menu, perhaps).


          If you go for PI WebParts you can use the PI TreeView menu together with the PI Graphics webpart, to provide element relative navigation for your display.




          A third option would be to move the design of the display over to HTML5, and then use the PI WebAPI to update the real time data, but that's a bit more work (requires development, and not just configuration - like the first two options)

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            From Tech Support:


            PI ActiveView provides a means to view and interact with PI ProcessBook displays outside of PI ProcessBook. By embedding the ActiveView ActiveX control in other applications, such as Internet Explorer, and installing the local executable, users can view PI ProcessBook PDI display files without modification.



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              Hi Asle,

              Are you able achieve this with HTML? If so, please share with us.


              Rhys Kirk, your blog "Coresight Candy" looks very interesting.  


              Thank you,

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                  Asle Frantzen

                  Yes, of course. You can design what ever you want using CSS. Add geometrical shapes or pictures and position them using CSS, and do the same thing for the values and implement some mechanism for auto refresh of the values.


                  Your quickest route would be to take screenshots of your existing ProcessBook displays, edit away the values, and then place PI WebAPI-based values on top in HTML. Take a look at Lonnie Bowling's presentation from this year's Users Conference on how to get started with the PI WebAPI to build web dashboards: 2015 - Users Conference - San Francisco