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How do I access specific attribute columns from transposed interpolateRange tables of a template?

Question asked by JonesNikhil on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2015 by Eugene Lee

Hi Guys,


I am using the PI SQL commander to create views that I could then push to SSAS/Power View in order to create dashboards. However, I've hit a road block and I'd be glad if you guys can help meout with this stuff.

1) I've transposed the site template with the interpolateRange TVF and I can now see the attribute templates transposed as columns. Now, I would like to only specific attribute columns and not all. BUT, i'm unable to do this because the attribute names are preceded with a '\' and I'm unable to escape this.

2) I want to take a sub-string of a specific column but I am unable to do so because substring is not supported as a function here. Is there an alternative?

3) Is there a way that I could transpose an element template using the Archive TVF instead of InterpolateRange TVF? I tried doing this but it always returns an empty set of rows. Beats me!


Awaiting your response. Thanks in advance.



Nikhil Jones