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how to import Process Book 2012 display in PI CORESIGHT 2014?

Question asked by Maitreyi on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by bshang

WE use PI PROCESS BOOK 2012 & PI CORESIGHT 2014 installed on different servers. Struggling to import Process Book 2012 displays in PI Coresight 2014.


Created a new shared drive folder where the Prcoess Book displays are saved.

Created a new folder from teh Coresight admin page under "Import folder" to the shared folder created in the preivous step.

As such Process Book display can be viewed in Process Book 2012 but when when viewed in Coresight 2014, couldn't view it properly. Something to do with ?CurrentElement, going through the Coresight 2014 installation document. Not quite clear how to view the same process book display in coresight 2014.


Please help!!!