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Increasing memory limit for PI AF

Question asked by dpilc on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2015 by jnoss

Is there a way to increase the memory limit for PI AF service? Specifically, I need a larger buffer to read data from an AF table.


I have an AF table consisting of 4 columns (2 columns of the integer type, 2 columns of the string type, on average those strings are not longer than a few characters) and c. 200k rows. When I try to read all these rows into memory via PI AF SDK I keep getting an out of memory error. I attach the stack trace displayed in Windows Event Viewer. An attempt to open this table in PI Explorer also fails (with a slightly different error printed into the Windows log) and the app displays a null-pointer-like message.


Reading the whole table into memory used to work but it no longer does so (it stopped possibly after putting more data into PI; it is entirely possible that restarting relevant services could bring this back to the working state but it is not a long term solution). Also, I would like to note that the table itself is not that large - when serialized to JSON it occupies c. 70 MB of space.