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Why data disappeared? Can't save data to PIServer using AFSDK.

Question asked by Wepeng Yu on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2015 by Wepeng Yu

I'm trying to save data into PI server using AFSDK.

I got 491 AFValues, then call PIPoint.UpdateValue(..) to save these values into PI server. After doing this I used Process Book to check the data.

At first, there are 222 values, 269 values disappeared.

About 5 minutes later, all the values disappeared except the last one.

No matter calling PIPoint.UpdateValue() or PIPoint.UpdateValues(..).


I have spent 3 hours on this, have done lots of test, and totally don't know what's going on...


1. 491 AFValues are saved into PI using PIPoint.UpdateValue().


2. Use Process book to check the data. Only 222 values were found.


3. 5 minutes later, all the data disappeared !