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PI UFL to work with a Sharepoint list

Question asked by chechem84 on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2016 by tmcmanus

I am trying to get the PI UFL to work with a SharePoint list. We have a spreadsheet with data that gets sent to a Sharepoint list via email. It is in the .CSV format. I have configured the PI-UFL Interface, and the process works in the ICU as an interactive launch. The data gets sent to PI and the file gets processed. When I create the Windows service, with the same account I am logged into Windows with the PI ICU interactive portion working, it will not work. The service fires, the logs show everything is good, it just will not process the file. I also can see the domain account working in the SharePoint list and it modifies the file as the logged in user. I even gave domain users full access to the list to narrow down permissions issues. Still no luck.I have also put debugging on. When run interactive, I can see the interface scanning, finds the file, opens it, does its work, and closes the file and ends the scan. With service mode it scans but acts as if the file doesn't even exist. Any ideas?