Create tables in ProcessBook using VBA

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Just a simple VBA code that creates tables and columns, I know you can use the build-in Symbol Library "Basic Shape" grids but it does not fit my needs,....yet. Play around and post any mods that you can think of to improve its usage. Copy and paste this code in VBA and simply click on your display the top left most corner of where you want your table to start.


Dim Table_Width As Integer

'Dim Table_Height As Integer

Dim Column_Count As Integer

Dim Column_Width As Integer



Dim Row_Count As Integer

Dim Row_Height As Integer






Table_Width = 1700                          'Can be replaced by variable

Column_Count = 5                            'Can be replaced by variable

Column_Width = Table_Width / Column_Count   'Evenly spaced columns

Row_Count = 10                              'Can be replaced by variable

Row_Height = 53                             'Can be replaced by variable



End Sub



Private Sub Display_Click(ByVal lvarX As Long, ByVal lvarY As Long)

'not the best of actions/event to use but it works for me


Dim NewSymbol As Object




Debug.Print "LEFT:" & lvarX & vbTab & "TOP:" & lvarY

Debug.Print Column_Count & vbTab & Row_Count



Dim i As Integer



For i = 0 To Row_Count

    Set NewSymbol = ThisDisplay.Symbols.Add(pbSymbolLine)

        With NewSymbol

            .Left = lvarX

            .Top = lvarY - (i * Row_Height)

            .Width = Table_Width

            .Height = 0

        End With

Next i




Dim j As Integer



For j = 0 To Column_Count

    Set NewSymbol = ThisDisplay.Symbols.Add(pbSymbolLine)

        With NewSymbol

            .Left = lvarX + (j * Column_Width)

            .Top = lvarY

            .Width = 0

            .Height = ((i - 1) * Row_Height)

        End With

Next j



End Sub



Sub delete_lines()



For Each Symbol In ThisDisplay.Symbols

    If Symbol.Type = 1 Then

        Symbols.Remove (Symbol.Name)

    End If




End Sub