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Change Dataset Expression via VBA code

Question asked by drausim127@spiratec on Jul 14, 2015
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a few month ago I have written a short vba programm to rename/change the PI Tags of a dataset expression in a processbook file. Two month ago we have upgraded our PI environment and now the progamm doesn't works and I don't know why. In the line "Set piMyDSProperties = piMyDS...." I always receive the exception "Type mismatch".


Sub TestDrm()
    Dim piDSExpression As String
    Dim piMyDS As Datasets
    Dim piMyDSProperties As PIExpressionDataset
    Dim piPB As PBObjLib.ProcBook
    Set piPB = Application.ProcBooks.Open("U:\temp\KNA\Test.piw")
    Set piMyDS = piPB.Datasets
    Set piMyDSProperties = piMyDS.GetDataset("TEST1")
    piDSExpression = piMyDSProperties.Expression
    // Do some Expression changes
End Sub


So can somebody give me short information how I can change dataset expression via VBA code?


best regards