ProcessBook and Archived Data

Discussion created by davemgunther on Jul 16, 2015

I am attempting to access archived data from within ProcessBook but I don't seem to be able to do this as easily as Excel DataLink. I would like to display a value (not a trend) which is based on another tags timestamp (in excel, its Archived Value, Method: previous).


The second value I would like to display is a calculated value. I am assuming a DataSet will be required here with an expression. Currently, there is a tag which archives a current value from a totalizer on another machine. This value is then reset after a 24 hr. period. I would essentially like to display the previous days total using that tag. The simplest way I can think of if I was using Excel, would be to simply display the last value from the previous day (or even the max value for the previous day) but alas, this is not Excel. Of course a better method might be to create a performance equation but I am not familiar with that - any suggestions?