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"Attach to analysis" in Abacus

Question asked by Rhys Kirk Champion on Jul 24, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2015 by skwan

I would very much appreciate a feature where I can somehow attach to an existing, running Analysis to see all details of that Analysis from the PI Analysis Processor including an execution of the analysis - what the inputs were, where they were read from (cache or source) etc.

There has been so many occasions where particular Analyses stop behaving as expected and I have to have blind faith that the PI Analysis Processor is executing correctly. Using the evaluate button in PSE (or equivalent programmatically) is in the wrong context compared to the PI Analysis Processor so it only proves that a calculation "should" be executing correctly. I need to be able to debug a particular analysis in detail. Next to evaluate in PSE it would be great to have a "Attach to Analysis" button so that the PI Analysis Manager requests debug information from the PI Analysis Processor for the analysis.

The usual response from TS (no disrespect to TS) is to restart the PI Analysis Processor which simply masks the problem until it resurfaces.


Before I go digging, and we know I like to go digging, is there already an undocumented way to do this? What is the likelihood of such functionality


[Starts digging]