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two computer(OPC Server) data send to PI Server by using one PI OPC Interface

Question asked by KevinShin on Jul 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by tseymour

I have one computer with OPC Server(GE Proficy View Runtime). And I have another computer next to first PC.

They have same network.

They can connect to each other and to PI Server.

Now I have used two PI OPC Interfaces.

Could I send data to PI Server by using one PI OPC Interafce only?


When I run the PI OPC Client on first PC(AAA), I can connect to second PC(BBB).

After connected BBB, I tried to OPC Server, I can see the error message "Unable to advise for shutdown notification.


I don't know why don't connect to OPC server, althought AAA and BBB is on same network.


Please let me know what is problem.