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Mass Edit Archived Data due to interface failure

Question asked by ryland Champion on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by aabeijon

Yesterday, we had an interface PC's date mysteriously set back 3 months.  For approximately 9 hours  the interface overwrote  archived data from 3 months ago.  For around 6000 points, this has left a 9 hour gap in yesterday's data.  I've confirmed the data for this gap is in the archive, but the time stamps are 3 months off. 


Is there a fairly automated  way to either:


1. Update the timestamps for all events, for all 6000 tags, for the time period that got overwritten?

2. Copy the events for the time period that was overwritten to the correct time period and then delete the events from 3 months ago?


Once this is done,  If I restore the archive file from 3 months ago I should be good and everything will be back in place?