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    NoOutput(0 function


      I'm using the level rate of descent on a chemical tank to calculate the flow and compare it to my flowmeter. I'm using a performance equation like if 'tagname'<0 then NoOutput() else 'tagname' to avoid a measument when we have a truck dumping the chemical in the tank. But instead of having a blank in the trend during the dumping, i have the last measurement.  Is it possible to only have a blank ?

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          Guilherme Ferreira

          Hello Guy!


          Could you post here the values stored for both the 'tagname' and the performance equation for a period that you believe it is not working as you desired?


          When you use NoOutput(), nothing should be stored for that specific timestamp. So your snapshot is still the last value indeed!

          When you say "instead of having a blank", were you expecting your trend not to be continuous? A trend is a representation of the stored values, in this case, all the values of 'tagname' greater or equal to zero interpolated two by two.



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            Rhys Kirk

            Instead of "NoOutput()" write out a Digital State such as "Bad".

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              Hi Guy,


              Try to use following expression instead:

              if 'tagname'<0 then DigState("Filtered") else 'tagname'


              Br, Alexander

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