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    Excercise 1 problem!


      Tried to find first 5 archived values starting 1 hour ago, but it says I'm not licensed to access Archive for passed dates, but I'm guessing I should be....


      any help here would be greatly appreciated!!





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          Can you please double check the archive dates you were querying for? A screenshot of the query you were using when you hit the error would be especially helpful.


          Essentially, the VLE uses a special license that only allows for data retrieval for the past 180 days. Thus, you should only get the [-12222] Not licensed to access archive for passed dates error if you were querying for more than 180 days ago.



          First 10 data points from 180 days ago returns fine:


          Switching to *-181d causes the error



          Please let me know if this behavior is the same in your environment.

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            Cliona, Josh,


            Thank you for the screenshot. Your configuration is fine! I actually think you are encountering a known issue since the license used in the VLE is considered a development license. I'm sorry that you encountered this - it is specific to only development licenses.


            Known issue: 23514OSI8 - with a development license, -12222 error occurs when searching backwards in history with an event count (i.e., specify a start time and a negative event count) in SMT archive editor plug-in - https://techsupport.osisoft.com/Troubleshooting/Known-Issues/23514OSI8


            Can you both try switching the Event Count to positive 5 instead of -5? This will give you the first 5 events that occurred after the start time, versus the negative number would be returning the 5 values that occurred before the start time. This should also help avoid the known issue.


            Please let me know if that helps!

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