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Not able to insert in picomp table from Java

Question asked by PraveenCTS on Aug 6, 2015
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Hi All,


We are trying to connect to OsiPi Archive using JDBC. We are able to execute select query on picomp table.

Here is the code:

Connection con = null;

  String hostname = "myhostname";

  String dataSource = "mydatasource";

  String url = "jdbc:pisql://" + hostname + "/Data Source=" + dataSource + "; Integrated Security=SSPI;";


  String driver = "com.osisoft.jdbc.Driver";

  PreparedStatement stmt;

  ResultSet rs;

  Properties plist = new Properties();


  plist.put("user", "osiUser"); 

  plist.put("password", "osiPass");

  try {


   con = DriverManager.getConnection(url, plist);

   stmt = con.prepareStatement("SELECT tag, value FROM picomp WHERE tag like ?");

   stmt.setString(1, tagp);

   rs = stmt.executeQuery();

//extract results

   catch (SQLException  e) {



  catch (Exception  e) {




Now, when we try to insert into picomp table, we are getting following exception


java.sql.SQLException: [RDSA OLE DB Provider] IID_ICommand: Unspecified error (E_FAIL)

        at com.osisoft.jdbc.PreparedStatementImpl.executeUpdate(PreparedStatemen

        at getComp.main(

Caused by: com.osisoft.rdsa.RdsaException: [RDSA OLE DB Provider] IID_ICommand:

Unspecified error


        at com.osisoft.rdsa.Command.ExecuteNonQueryP(Native Method)

        at com.osisoft.rdsa.Command.executeNonQuery(

        at com.osisoft.jdbc.PreparedStatementImpl.executeUpdate(PreparedStatemen

        ... 1 more


Here is the code:


stmt = con.prepareStatement("insert into picomp (tag, value) values ('Test_Tag', 106)"); 

    Object c = ps.executeUpdate(); //line 44



Does anyone has any pointers as to why this exception is coming or what can we do about it.


Any pointers are appreciated.