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    PI Web Service Data Testing




      I am new to PI Web-services. We are using PI Web-service to send data to another analytical solution. That solution will consume this data & display it for Reporting purpose.


      But problem we are facing is that  there few OSI PI Tags which are updating in PI Server , but Reporting solution is unable to read this point, it returns Error Description as PIPoint Not Found using WCF Testing Tool.


      Is there any way to check this Web-service data point within PI Server whether this data is getting updated?. I want to make sure that whether the source Web-Service point is updating or not.


      My understanding is that if data is working fine in PI Server, it should also update the Web-service point.


      Please help me to resolve this issue.


      Advance thanks for your co-operation & support.

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          Hello Rajagopal,


          When the Point is not found but you are sure it exists, this is less an issue with the Point not receiving updates. My guess is that you are facing a Point security issue: The identity PI Web API is connecting with likely doesn't have the rights to read PI Point data.


          The first thing is to figure out which identity PI Web Services (more general a client) is using to connect. You can look this either up with the PI Message Log or PI Network Manager Statistics for an active connection (PI SMT -> Operation -> Network Manager Statistics). With ´the information about the connected identity, you can verify database security in general (PI SMT -> Security -> Database Security, item PIARCDATA). PI SMT -> Points -> Point Builder, tab Security can be used to check the point security in particular.

          If the above doesn't help you much, please take a look at PI Data Archive 2015 Security Configuration Guide

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              Marcos Vainer Loeff

              Hello Rajagopal,


              On top of what Gregor has suggested, I have a few questions for you:


              • Is this solution working a long time ago or is this a new project?
              • Was it working before or it has never worked?
              • Can you make it work with other PI Points?
              • Have you thought of using PI Web API instead?
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                  Hello Marcos,


                  Thanks for your response.


                  Please find below my answers to your queries:


                  1) This Solution is still in Testing Phase and we are validating the data flow between PI and Dashboard Solution.


                  2) We started testing the data points now only., So we are facing issue with few tags.


                  3) There are other PI Points which are working fine and it is appearing on Dashboard.


                  4). No. Now we cannot think of using PI Web API as the Solution Implementation is almost over now.


                  I hope I answered your queries., If none of the tag is working then we can make a decision.. But only some tags are giving problem.

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                  Hello Gregor,


                  Thank you for your response.


                  We will check this out with the points you mentioned.


                  Many Thanks.


                  H Rajagopal