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PI buffering

Question asked by bluefish on Aug 10, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by bluefish

We have exaquantum server feed data into our PI production collective (PIPROD), PI development collective (PIDEV) and staging server (single server). We have used OPCDA interface for both PI prod and PI dev. We planned to use OPCHDA interface for staging server for backfilling purpose. We use PI Buffer subsystem for the buffering. However, I noticed that currently PI Buffer subsystem only works for PI PROD but not PI Dev. In other words, that source data is written into PI dev primary server but not PI dev secondary server. After I am starting reading some documents. It seems to me that the version of our PI buffer subsystem can't write to both collectives and a single server. Our PI server is 2012 (3.4.390.18) and PI Buffer Subsystem version: 3.4.380.79.


My questions are:

1) Is this correct that our version of PI Buffer subsystem won't be able to write to two collectives and additional server?

2) If the above answer is yes, what's our alternative way for buffering? Do we need to user Bufserv (PI Buffer server) instead of PI Buffer Subsystem? If so, what's the procedures and documentations for us to follow in order to configure two collectives and one additional server?