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    Creation of PI Tags using afsdk in AF Server



      I have some 50 tags which needs to be created dynamically from afsdk, and each one of them will have different uom and data type. Help me in finding a solution where in i decide with uom type and value type based on the text.



      Dehumidification Pump Frequency Feedback- uom is percent

      Regeneration Tank Outlet Water Temp- uom is temperature

      Regeneration Pump Start/Stop-  value type is boolean


      what might be the best solution for this?


      All these are dynamic creation.

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          Kenji Hashimoto

          Following help explains UOM.

          UOM Class


          I use C# and following code works in my machine.

          using OSIsoft.AF.UnitsOfMeasure;
          UOMDatabase myUOMDB = myAFServer.UOMDatabase;
          UOMClass RatioUOMClass = myUOMDB.UOMClasses["Ratio"];
          UOM percentUOM = RatioUOMClass.UOMs["percent"];
          myAttribute.DefaultUOM = percentUOM;

          In this example, I set default uom to atteribute but you can use Element Template as well. (If there are a lot of elements with the same attributes, then it is good to use Element Template)

          I abbreviated myAFServer and myAttribute in my source code but I hope you can find how to use UOM.


          For using the other UOMClass, you can refer to PI System Explorer > Unit of Measure

          It shows UOM class and UOM name.

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              Thank you for your quick response.

              i got this solution but i need it for many attributes dynamically ex: how will i decide with the uom with a string.

              Currently i am using


              if (Regex.IsMatch(<attribute_name>,  @"([temperature][temp])", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase))


                   // setting the uom as degree celcius;



              Is there any other alternative for this??

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                  Marcos Vainer Loeff

                  Hi Aruna,


                  You can create a method to add an attribute or attribute template to an element or element template as shown below:


                       private void CreateAttributeTemplate(AFElementTemplate myCityElement, string AttributeName, Type myType, UOM myUOM, AFCategory AttributeCategory)
                              AFAttributeTemplate myAttribute = myCityElement.AttributeTemplates[AttributeName];
                              if (myAttribute == null)
                                  myAttribute = myCityElement.AttributeTemplates.Add(AttributeName);
                              myAttribute.Type = myType;
                              myAttribute.DefaultUOM = myUOM;
                              if (myAttribute.Categories[AttributeCategory.Name] == null)


                  Then you can easily create attribute templates on your element template, for instance:


                              UOM degree = myPISystem.UOMDatabase.UOMClasses["Plane Angle"].UOMs["degree"];
                              UOM degreeC = myPISystem.UOMDatabase.UOMClasses["Temperature"].UOMs["degree Celsius"];
                              UOM speedKmph = myPISystem.UOMDatabase.UOMClasses["Speed"].UOMs["kilometer per hour"];
                              UOM speedMps = myPISystem.UOMDatabase.UOMClasses["Speed"].UOMs["meter per second"];
                              UOM millimeter = myPISystem.UOMDatabase.UOMClasses["Length"].UOMs["millimeter"];
                              UOM millibar = myPISystem.UOMDatabase.UOMClasses["Pressure"].UOMs["milibar"];
                              UOM percent = myPISystem.UOMDatabase.UOMClasses["Ratio"].UOMs["percent"];
                              UOM kilometres = myPISystem.UOMDatabase.UOMClasses["Length"].UOMs["kilometer"];
                              UOM kWh = myPISystem.UOMDatabase.UOMClasses["Energy"].UOMs["kilowatt hour"];
                              UOM kW = myPISystem.UOMDatabase.UOMClasses["Power"].UOMs["kilowatt"];
                              CreateAttributeTemplate(CityElementTemplate, "Cloud Cover", typeof(int), percent, WeatherHist);
                              CreateAttributeTemplate(CityElementTemplate, "Feels Like", typeof(int), degreeC, WeatherHist);
                              CreateAttributeTemplate(CityElementTemplate, "Humidity", typeof(double), percent, WeatherHist);


                  Note that the inputs of this method are: element template, attribute name, attribute type, attribute UOM and attribute category. I am sure that there are other ways to do it but hopefully this is what you are looking for.

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                    Kenji Hashimoto

                    There is String.Indexof method.

                    String.IndexOf Method (System)

                    It returns number if the string matches.


                    For performance, The link says IndexOf method is faster than Regex.IsMatch function.

                    Performance Test – String.Contains vs String.IndexOf vs Regex.IsMatch | theburningmonk.com

                    Though of cause if you don't face any performance issues using Regex.IsMatch function, then it is no problem to use it.