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How to bulk load Attribute PiPoint references ?

Question asked by ArunPi on Aug 17, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by David Hearn

I have a bunch of elements for which I want to

a) Find all the attributes that are pipoint references (I used attribute.PiPoint call)

b) Filter out all the attributes based on a specific point source (say R). (I am not sure how to do this ?)

c) For these attributes I also want the path string ( I used attribute.GetPath() )


I used AFElement.LoadElements method to bulk load all the elements in question. Was reasonably fast ( took under a second for a few hundred of them ).


But, this bulk loading elements does not seem to load info related to a) and b).  i.e attribute.PiPoint or attribute.GetPath() seems to make several calls to the server for even a single attribute.

How can I make it this faster ?


Also, how do i achieve b).


Appreciate any help :-).