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PI AF <-> ODBC <-> Big Data

Question asked by Rajagopal on Aug 20, 2015
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I have been posting some queries on AF & Big Data based IT-OT Solution Integration.


We have standard asset hierarchy created in AF and currently we are using web services to connect with IT OT Solution which is having lot of data latency issues.


PI Archive Server configured with scan time of 15 Mins for Analog and 1 Min for Digital signals. But still we are not able to match the IT-OT Solution Dashboard data with PI Data. There are discrepancy between these data.


Solution End we are polling data every 15 mins once to fetch the data from Web-services & to test this data flow we are using WCF Testing tools.


But now we want to use ODBC Interface between Pi AF and IT OT solution. Is it a good idea to go for ODBC connection?.. Will it resolve this data latency issue?....


Dear Experts,


I need your opinion whether this interface will be better than web services. What is the Pros & Cons of using ODBC Interface?,,, Also please let me know the proper docs to implement AF - ODBC - Big Data (Hadoop) Interface.



H Rajagopal