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/HOST switch in OPCDA and OPCAE interface, what effect does having same host (PI Server) for Primary and Secondary Interface?

Question asked by BrianOD on Aug 25, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2015 by brobinson

Please see attached .BAT files of 4 interfaces. X2 OPCDA interfaces (OPCInt22). and X2 OPCAE interfaces (OPCInt23). Regarding the /host switch in the .BAT files, should it be set up as number 1 or 2 below;



1. both primary and secondary interface nodes use /host = Primary PI Server





2. Set up as in the .BAT files. Where Primary Interface /host = Primary Pi Server AND Secondary interface /host = Secondary PI Server



The PI Servers are in a collective. And the Interfaces are set up for phase 2 failover.


My client has specified the first option, and I have set up the second option. The customer would like to know what effect their option will have. I showed them the manual for the OPCInt interface and pointed out that my configuration (Primary Interface /host = Primary Pi Server and Secondary interface /host = Secondary PI Server) is the recommended config in the manual.


But the customer has many interfaces already existing where they specified the option of both primary and secondary interface nodes using /host = Primary PI Server. And I will change my configuration to match the interfaces already existing in MSD.



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