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PI Web API - Whether it resolves data latency issues?...

Question asked by Rajagopal on Aug 24, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2015 by Eugene Lee

Hello Experts,


I am posting few threads on these interface.


I need experts point of view in using PI Web API (Restful).


We are now facing many data latency issues because of PI Web-Services from PI Archive Server. At the other end we are using Hadoop / Cloud based IT solution to retrieve this data.


We have now decided to switch to PI AF with PI Web API Interface to link our Cloud based solution.


Do you really think this approach will reduce the data latency issue?. Please note that we will be using close to 1.5 Lakh tags for this solution,. Right now we are in the process of implementing small pilot on this project?


What is the PROS & CONS of using this approach?.. Please propose / suggest what would be the better approach to avoid this data latency issues?.



Hari Rajagopal