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Processbook Trend Scales

Question asked by aksnk89 Champion on Aug 25, 2015
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HI ,

I have created a trend in processbook with all the required configuration . The trend is a multiscaled trend . Each trace has a different max and min scale.

I have written a piece of code to replecate the trend with same configuration but the problem i am facing is for the Max and Min for each trace of the trend. It tends to take the Max and Min of the last Trace in the Trend.


For j = 1 To trnd.TraceCount

            sTagName = trnd.GetTagName(j)

            minS = trnd.ScaleMin

            maxS = trnd.ScaleMax

            sTagName = Replace(sTagName, Trim(txtPath1.Text), Trim(txtPath2.Text))


           On Error Resume Next

           trnd.SetTagName j, sTagName

           trnd.SetTraceScale minS, maxS

Next j



Can anybody solve this issue ?