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Upgrade to PI Server 2010 SP1 results in "Continue after failure to register with license manager"

Question asked by djorkaef on Aug 31, 2015
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We are following a procedure to upgrade from Rockwell (PI) Historian version 2.2 to version 3.01.


Basically this is a migration on a single server (2008 Standard R2 SP1)

- from: Rockwell Historian 2.2 (=PI Server version 3.4.375 32 bit)

- to intermediate: PI Server 3.4.375 64-bit

- to final: Rockwell Historian 3.01 (=PI Server version 3.4.385 64-bit)


This is a 36-step migration plan fully explained by the Rockwell manual, and we succeed getting to the 3rd big step without problem.

The intermediate pi start without issue, I can see the archives, I can open the management interface.


We then start the final step namely installing Historian 3.01.

But at Step 24 on page 22 we see that while starting the pi services, it goes like:


pi install error.png


After that, multiple of the other starting services fail and I cannot succeed connecting to historian.

Also I cannot stop the license manager service after that, I need to end that process by killing it in task manager.

The PI license manager remains unreachable while in the intermediate server I could open the license info by "piartool -licenseinfo" (dont remember the exact command).


I know that Rockwell Software is not a good help in this issue, since I already checked all their advanced online articles about migration issues, and this is not mentioned.

I seem not to be able to find a logfile about pilicense... Is there any way you guys can help me with this urgent and hard problem?


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