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Analysis to write a table lookup to a tag

Question asked by Nocodes79 Champion on Aug 26, 2015
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I have the following:

  1. Attribute "Time Rounded to next hour" = 1 custom Datareference which output the beggining of the next hour (i.e. now= 14:12:00, it outputs 15:00:00) (it only implements GetValue)
  2. Attribute "Value for next hour" = 1 Table lookup which looks in a table the value where column Time= value of attribute "Time Rounded to next hour" and returns a float
  3. an analysis which takes the value of "Value for next hour" and saves it in a pi point


if I look at the attribute B (the table lookup), I get the value correctly, but, when I look at the analysis it does not get the value. it returns a bad (Data was not available for attribute "Time Rounded to next hour". Specified method is not supported). what is the method I need to include?


Thank you in advance and regards,