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Reset tag value to zero at noon using ACE

Question asked by Arti Rajagopalan on Aug 26, 2015
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  I'm working on an ACE calculation that does a time-weighted average of total discharge over a period of 24 hours. The calculation period is from 12:00 PM today to 11.59 AM tomm . The calculation should reset the PI tag value to zero at noon every day. How do I accomplish this? My current logic doesn't seem to work for all time stamps:


Dim startTime As PITime = Noon(Me.ExeTime)

Dim startTimeUTC As AFTime = New AFTime(startTime.UTCSeconds)


If (lastCalculationTime.UtcSeconds >= startTimeUTC ) Then  'Check if lastCalculationTime in UTC is less than UTC second at noon

                lastCalculationTime = startTimeUTC

                lastCalculatedValue = 0.0

            End If


Any assistance is truly appreciated.