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PI DataLink issue (Excel add-in not correctly loaded)

Question asked by PDUHAMEL on Aug 28, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by aguzu

I have an issue with PI DATALINK


The problem is:

I use an Excel file (xxxx.xlsm) to do calculation.

This Excel file contains a macro that use a event.

This procedure refresh the workbook, then save a sheet as csv file and quit.


When I manually open the xlsm file,  from Windows explorer, all is working well.


I tried to use the windows scheduler to automate the run each hour (as example)

By this way, I created a task (based on the same user account) that start as command the
xlsm file.

But, in this case, the file is open, the calculation is started, but I get #VALUE!,#NAME? in
the csv file.


The reason of this problem is that because the PI DataLink addin is not loaded when the event occurs.

(to see that,I introduced a break point in the code)


My question is how to automate (to solve) this problem.

I don’t understand why the DataLink com addin is not loaded before to start to refresh Excel workbook.


We use this PI DataLink release: PI DataLink 2014 Version 5.1.0


And Excel 2013.


Thanks in advance for your help.