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    How do you change the PI Web API SSL certificate after installing the locally generated one?


      I installed PI Web API 2015 R2 and just went with the option to have the installer generate one locally. When I go out to the site, I get weird errors that the certificate isn't trusted. I am working with one of my coworkers who is generating a certificate that is trustworthy. According to the manual rerunning the installer should allow me to change some things about my installation (hopefully the certificate is one of them). When I run the PiWebApi.msi file, I get to the point where it asks for me to select a configuration instance. When I choose the one that I originally installed under, it complains saying "Invalid Selection No administrative privileges on the selected Asset Server." and I can't go any further. My questions are:


      1) Am I doing something wrong by running PiWebApi.msi, directly?

      2) Is this how I should be changing the SSL certificate?


      My other option is to uninstall and reinstall, which really isn't too bad.