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Slowness using PI Datalink

Question asked by nathan.macnamara on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by Rhys Kirk



We have an issue on site where users with PI Datalink are experiencing severe lagging when trying to make quite extensive PI calls via PI Datalink.


A spreadsheet with eg many thousands of calls (10k - 30k calls, calculations or sample data) can take up to 2-5 minutes to complete. Is this kind of use outside of the expected use/performance of the addon?


I am not noticing very high CPU usage during this slow down (typically 30-50% usage on a 4 core 3.2ghz machine), and low RAM usage as well, so am not sure if it is to do with the performance of the machine, or just limitations in the performance of the addon + server.


We are located at the same site as the server so connections are only through a few switches.


PI datalink is 2013, office is 32bit but testing on a 64bit machine didn't seen to improve it.