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    PI WEB API : Extended Properties


      I am currently using PI Web API 1.5.1

      There is a way to get values from 'Extended Properties' ?

      I cannot identify a 'Links' from my 'Elements' for 'Extended Properties'.


      Thanks for your help,


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          Jerome Lefebvre

          Hello Sébastien, Going over the documentation, I believe we currently don’t expose extended properties through Web API. It is exposed through AF SDK as the ExtendedProperties of an AFElement or AFDatabse object. The excel PI Builder excel plugin also exposes it. What is the data that you are trying to store/access in the extended properties? Jérôme

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            Eugene Lee

            Hi Sebastien,


            How about putting this information in a regular AFAttribute so that you will be able to access it with PI Web API? If not, you could use AF SDK directly. Do let us know your use case.

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              We have many AF database all around the world used to define all kind of KPI for different sectors of the plant. KPI elements own attributes used to define actuals, forecasts and planned values. This data model is then read by our application (using AF SDK) to display dashboards with charts just like we want BUT the application need to store different parameters about charts settings, number of rows, the range, type of chart, colors and many other 'UI' settings. To not add too much noise in the main data model I have choosed to store those parameters in an Extended Properties formatted in JSON. This solution is working just fine for at least 5 years now and the dashboard application is our #1 used application.


              Now I need to push the application to the next level by converting 'Silverlight' to 'HTML5' and put everything on a master central powerfull web server instead of having multiple little web servers located all around the globe.


              On the central server we need to connect to sites AF dashboards data model BUT 'firewall rules' are in place and the only way I have right now (without changing anything in the firewall) is to use port 80 or 443 which is used by PI Web API - great.

              Also PI WEB API is returning informations and values FAR MORE faster than AF SDK when used through the WAN: Our WAN is really slow and for x reasons AF SDK do not perform really well.


              That said, yes I could convert every metadata saved in extended properties to regular attributes and then continue my project but I wanted to ask before going through a change like that.

              It's maybe a good point to add to PI Web API backlog: Add an extended properties controller.




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                Thanks Sebastien, for helping us help you with a better product!


                A backlog item was created with the PI Web API to expose ExtendedProperties. It will not make it into the upcoming release but possibly in a 2016 release.