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Where are my future events hiding for my AF Analysis?

Question asked by Rhys Kirk Champion on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2015 by Rhys Kirk

Simple scenario, 1 real time PI Point, 1 future PI Point, 1 event driven analysis that is triggered by the future PI Point and writes to the real time PI Point. The analysis works just fine, my future values are written to the real time PI Point when they fall within the current time.

However, I cannot hunt down where the future events are hiding upon writing a future event in to the future PI Point.


- I don't see AF Analyses Data Cache increasing (or any other statistic).

- I don't any of the Time Series Update Queues with any pending events.


I am interested to know whether restarting the Analysis Processor will lose the future events, or are they hiding on a PI Server Update Queue? Or is the Analysis Processor checking explicitly for any new futures values that are current?


What happens if the PI Server is rebooted, are the time series queues persisted anywhere?

How many future events can be queued for an Analysis?


The Analysis Processor used to work off a 250ms cycle for collecting events for event triggered analyses, is that still the case? So within 250ms of a future event becoming current I should expect the analysis to be triggered?