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    How to programaticaly loop through the button.action for all buttons in a ProcessBook display




      I am trying to loop through all the buttons in a ProcessBook display and return the action property value. I have started with the code below.


      Private Sub LoopButtonAction()

          Dim mySymbol As Symbol

          Dim mySymbolName As String

          Dim myButtonDef As ButtonDefinition


          For Each mySymbol In Symbols

              If mySymbol.Type = 9 Then

                  mySymbolName = mySymbol.Name

                  Set myButtonDef = mySymbolName.GetDefinition()

                  MsgBox (myButtonDef.Action)

              End If


      End Sub


      I am able to loop through all the buttons in the specific display by checking the symbol type = 9, but when I try to get the button definition by dynamically assigning the button name to mySymbolName and I try running "Set myButtonDef = mySymbolName.GetDefinition()", I get a compile error "Invalid qualifier". I am a bit of a noob programmer and this is most likely something stupid that I am doing. Can someone point me in the right direction.