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    VBA command - ProcessBook




      I would like to know if there is a VBA command to open a specific processBook page.





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          Dim MyProcBook as object

          Set MyProcBook = ProcBooks.Open(FileName)

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            Hi Davide,


            Are you trying to open a specific .pdi file (specified by a file name)? If you are looking for a VBA way, you can use the Displays.Open method. E.g.


                Dim d1 As Display
                Set d1 = Application.Displays.Open("C:\Dev Support\VBA in PB\redgreen.pdi", True)

            Alternatively, if you would like the page to be opened upon a button click, you can use the native functionality of a ProcessBook button. For example, if you are trying to open a ProcessBook display within a PIW file, check out the method described in KB01266.

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