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PI OLEDB piplot table returned data

Question asked by flost Champion on Sep 10, 2015
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I was woundering how the returned data from piplot table is selected. In the PI OLEDB Data Provider Manuel there is just the following information:


Queries to the pilpot table return a set of values over a time period that will produce the most

accurate plot while minimizing the amount of data returned. The query specifies a time range

and a number of intervals (intervalcount). For each interval, the data available is examined

and significant values are returned. Each interval can produce up to 5 values if they are

unique, the value at the beginning of the interval, the value at the end of the interval, the

highest value, the lowest value and at most one exceptional point (digital state).


Can anyone explain the algorithm behind in more detail? Best would be something like the presentaion of the compressing algorithms. ;-)



We use PI OLEDB Provider 2012 R3 (Version