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Can't insert AFTrendPage component in Windows Forms

Question asked by AlexCote Champion on Sep 13, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2015 by AlexCote

Hello PISquare,


I'm using Windows 7, Visual Studio 2013 Pro with AFSDK & AF.UI (2015 build) and I encounter the below error message while trying to drag the AFTrendPage component from the toolbox to a Windows Form (.Net 4.5, 64bits)... Please note that ALL other components can be dragged from the toolbox successfully and used without error.  I have tried various solution to resolve this issue such as rebuilding the toolbox, reloading the AF.UI dll reference, manually adding the control in the designer, dynamically adding the control in run-time... Still, same message continues to harass me ;-)


It's time to ask the cummunauty
- Have you encountered the same issue?

- Can you reproduce?

- Any idea or path to follow to fix it?