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PI AF attribute that changes via table lookup by month

Question asked by Kirk_Pritchard on Sep 14, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by MISugiyama

I am trying to setup a PI notification to alert of any flows (hydro power station) that exceed our regulatory limits. These are change every month but are set for the long term future and very unlikely to ever change. I found this thread Re: How to get current date in PI AF formula?  that details how to do something similar, but if I use this method I have to create an entry for every month forever into the future. Is there a way I can just create one table using the month names (or even the month number) and use that to lookup the maximum flow for that specific month (but is not effected by the year)?


FYI, I am using PI AF 2012.


Any help much appreciated!