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Capturing timestamp for when lab data gets to PI

Question asked by EddieErnst on Sep 16, 2015
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I've had great help on here before under a different username, so I figured I'd ask here again first.


What I'm looking to do is mark the time that a lab sample result actually appears in PI.  The lab interfaces through PI via LIMS.  Right now, the lab sample points are recorded in PI as the time the sample tag is generated in their system.  This is good for us because it allows us to track generally what time a sample was taken.  However, there is no record of when that sample result was sent to PI which is what our process supervisors use to view the data.  The results populate at different times depending on who is in the lab.  Maintaining a record of this data is not important, as this would only be used by the person who is using the page for that shift.


Right now, I have the values organized on pages, with a sample time stamp as a text symbol next to it.  I did this for better formatting which allowed me to reduce the space that was used for each sample on the page.  This is the VBA that I used for that (with help from someone on here):


Private Sub Value14_DataUpdate()


Dim vrdate As Variant
Dim vrstatus As Variant
Dim MyValue As Variant

MyValue = Value14.GetValue(vrdate, vrstatus)
Text26.Contents = Format(vrdate, "h AM/PM MM/dd")


End Sub


My initial thought was that if there was an event for the text change, I could use that to capture a timestamp and write that to another text symbol.  But I can't seem to figure out how to do that.  Any help or info is greatly appreciated!