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Processbook from disconnected state, not refreshing

Question asked by cccuerdo on Sep 16, 2015
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I am doing a PI to PI interface. Source server and destination server are both redundant (collective).

I tried to create one trend that will monitor one value so i can see what happens when i disconnect the Primary PI Destination server.

The behavior is that, when i disconnect the Primary PI Destination server, it will create a marker in the Trend ("DISCONNECTED").

When i tried reconnecting again, the "disconnected" marker didn't go out, but i can see new values coming, so I assume that it is still refreshing.

Also, when I refresh, there is no marker in the same trend, meaning it didn't store the "disconnected" value in the tag.

[Please see attachment for details]

Has anyone encountered this situation before and are there any resolution for this?


I'm using processbook