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How to improve performance of element/attribute find?

Question asked by SvenBatalla on Sep 17, 2015
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I have 19,800 elements in my PIAF system.  On occasion I have need to collect them all.  Based on the example below, that should be pretty straight forward:


Loading Top Level Objects


Unfortunately, finding all the elements and then loading their attributes is extremely time-consuming.  Performing the simple find takes about 11-14 seconds.  That's not so great, but I could live with that if I had to.  The main problem is that I also need some of the attributes.  To achieve this, I can do the "LoadElements" call (as in the example above), or pick the specific attributes I want and use the "LoadAttributes" call like this:


AFElementTemplate baseTemplate = myDatabase.ElementTemplates["My Template Name"];
   new AFNamedCollectionList<AFAttributeTemplate>
      baseTemplate.AttributeTemplates["Attribute 1"],
      baseTemplate.AttributeTemplates["Attribute 2"],
      baseTemplate.AttributeTemplates["Attribute 3"]


Unfortunately, whether I use the "LoadElements" or "LoadAttributes", the performance of either call is about ~105s.  Add that to the 11-14 seconds, and my application is already 2 minutes behind the 8-ball before it is even included in the party.


So the question is:  is there an efficient way to retrieve all elements and (some) attributes from PIAF?