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Scalable Solution for getting uncompressed Snapshot Data

Question asked by Sebi on Sep 22, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2015 by Dan Fishman

Hello everyone!


Im pretty new to PI and using the PI SDK / AF SDK, so I'm sorry if my question reveals a serious lack of basic knowledge.


I want to get uncompressed real-time snapshot data from a whole PI-Server, and want to get it as as soon as the data is availible. The snapshots are stored for a certain amount of time, a computation is made, then the data can be deleted. During the time of collection, the PI-Server is supposed to store the data normally with compression. With the help of contributions here and the documentation I figured out the following solution (I appended a minimal code example).



My questions are:


1. Is this basically the right approach for my purpose, or should I have a look at a completely different solution?

2. Do i really receive uncompressed data in the right order without any gaps in time when using this method?

3. Is this solution applicable when using it for monitoring e.g. 30.000 tags on one server (minimum scan class 5 seconds)?

4. Could my program or the PI server experience performance issues if I monitor 30.000 Tags?

5. Do you see any other problems? E.g. using PI SDK and AF SDK at the same time.


I really appreciate your help.