Configuring Analytics with PI AF (Sept 28th -> Oct 16th 2015) - Introduce yourself...

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Hi!  I'm your instructor for this three week online learning experience from OSIsoft.  I'm Martin Bryant - a Field Service Engineer based in Houston Texas.   I am a native Texan (primarily from central Texas) and I have a quarter century of working with the PI System.  My interesting work has taken me to many places all over the world.  Since 2008 - I've been working with helping customers with PI Asset Framework and related products including PI AF Analysis.   I am a very experienced classroom teacher - I've taught all of our public class offering and had a hand in designing most of those classes and I've taught most of our internal classes too.  However I don't know that much about teaching online classes (and I wanted to)- so I'm learning as you do about this format.  I went to music school for awhile and I"m always doing something with music as a hobby - I also play some computer games.  I have a grumpy cat named Portia.


Please respond to this by introducing yourself - and thanks.