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Hello! Is there a minimum and recommended system specification for AF Asset Analytics separated SQL server?

Question asked by gmucsina on Sep 28, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2016 by cvillanua

Hello Everyone!


We have a problem with the assett analytics backfilling. In case of an AF server restart the automatic backfill for several minutes takes days to complete.


I would like to ask, what are the suggested system requirements for the AF server with Asset Analytics.


Currently we have around 10 000 elements and 10 000 analysis.


The AF and Asset Analytics are on a virtual machine, while the SQL Server is separated.


We have 5 000 PI Notification also, but these are running on another VM with the PI ACE.


The system is used by ~100 users daily (CoreSight, Datalink, ProcessBook).


We had 2 processors and 4 GB ram. Is it possible, that this setup is too weak, and a memory and CPU extension (8 CPU, 8 GB) will decrease the time needed to analysis backfilling significantly?