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Delete issue with PIOLEDB

Question asked by ygalipeau on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2015 by gregor

Good afternoon,


I am using a PIOLEDB Linked server. Everything is setup to use the PI trust (as piadmin) but when i execute a query like this one (there is one value saved at this time):


DELETE   FROM  PISERVER.piarchive..picomp2   WHERE tag = 'REF07CSF.PV'  

AND time = '2015-09-29 10:59:59'


I receive the following error:


OLE DB provider "PIOLEDB" for linked server "PISERVER" returned message "[PI SDK] Failed to remove one or more requested events. [0] Success".

Msg 7320, Level 16, State 2, Line 2

Cannot execute the query "DELETE FROM "piarchive".."picomp2"  WHERE "tag"='REF07CSF.PV' AND "time"='2015-09-29 10:59:59.0000000'" against OLE DB provider "PIOLEDB" for linked server "PISERVER".


i am using pisdk and PI OLEDB 2010 R3


Any idea where i can check or troubleshoot?


thanks in advance