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PI ACE and using variables

Question asked by nigeloldham on Oct 5, 2015
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I would appreciate your help.


I have a list of tags names.

One has a list of items which I put into a list.

For each item, I want to get the text of the string and use this to reference the value of another tag.


Can this be done in PI ACE?


Here is my code:




Dim Crudes As String

Crudes = ODU_CalcP_Crudes.Value

Dim Crudes_List(100) As String

Crudes_List = Split(Crudes, ",", -1)

Dim Crude_Asphaltenes(Crudes_List.Length - 1) As String

Dim i As Integer

For i = 0 To Crudes_List.Length - 1

      Dim CurrentCrude As String = Crudes_List(i)

      Dim CurrentCrude_Asphaltenes As String = "CDU4" & CurrentCrude & "_ASP"  tag name is CDU4ALVB_ASP

      ' I don't know how to reference the code below (if CurrentCrude_Asphaltenes was a tag name rather than a string it would be easy to do.

      Crude_Asphaltenes(i) = CurrentCrude_Asphaltenes.value





Nigel Oldham