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Question asked by yonggunsong on Oct 4, 2015
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Dear Team.


Sharepoint Server Version : MS Sharepoint 2013

OS version : Windows 2008 R2 64bit.

PI Webpart version : 2013 SP3.


I will be appreciated of your support howto fix the pi webpart error..

I’m the middle of implementation of PI Webpart.  When I add Webpart on Sharepoint site.
Error message is occurred as attached capture (error : Sorry, this site hasn’t been shared with you.)

I've already successfully deployed PI Webpart, and activated them without any error. but the error is occurred when I add PI webpart an web page.

I already verified that Claims to Windows Token Service running on
the SharePoint server and also checked that is is started as a Windows service
and within SharePoint Central Administration on the Services on Server page.

And I ‘ve checked that the user account (spservice) running the SharePoint application pool is in the local group WSS_WPG. Then check C:\Program Files\Windows Identity Foundation\v3.5c2wtshost.exe.config to verify as below.




      <clear />


      <add value="WSS_WPG" />







It is also used the account running sharepoint application pool in application pool.

Please find attached capture images.

Any additional check point will be appreciated.

Kind rgds.  Thanks.