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Drag and Drop Addin for Processbook

Question asked by jyi on Oct 8, 2015

Hi All,


I have been trying to create a add-in for PI Processbook that can drag and drop objects from my dockable addin window.

For the most part, I'm following this old .NET add-in to introduce Docking Windows whitepaper/training material. However I can create a window and put stuff in it however I am getting weird results with drag and drop. So far only the label "cdt158" is working....


It seems to mimic what Data Favorite addin that is already implemented but somehow i don't usually fire events from my own addin but from Data Favorites event handler.

If I disable data favorite addin, then I get nothing....


If I want to drop just a symbol("A picture"), then do i need to use some other method than described in Display_OnOleDrop?

Any help on the code would be appreciated.


So 3 issues:

1. My event handler don't fire sometimes. Got it to fire by binding control better

2. Text works with normal data favorites addin Oledrop but how do I drop symbols or like .NET Powerpacks? Is it even possible?

3. Drag and Drop thing.....I don't quite understand how it's done.


I got some helps from here:

Building a ProcessBook Docking Window with AF UI Controls

.NET add-in to introduce docking windows