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How to build a rule (a PI-AF attribute / PI Notification ) when TAG value is not updated as the time expected ?

Question asked by Lowreno on Oct 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by Lowreno

Hello guys!


      So, I have a tag called "point one" which a new value is expected around each five minutes.   If this role is broken, an attribute on PI-AF should be updated as "warning state".  When the tag "point one" back to the normal behavior (it means, that the value back to arrive around each 5 minutes on "point one"),  the attribute on PI-AF should back to "normal state".


     So, is it possible to do it on an attribute of template on PI AF?  Is it possible to use PI Notification to alarm this behavior ?


    Note: The values on "point one" can be updated between 4 and 6 minutes... the default is five minutes. When more than 10 minutes without any update, the alarm should be done.


    Thanks in advance,