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Automatic backup archive. Recomendations needed!

Question asked by Suseh on Oct 10, 2015
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i'm new to pi software. I get to know it with Rockwell package (but it is not so important, i think).

I read a lof of Rockwell's manualls and what i can see for this moment -> they are very similar or mostly copy paste from PI manuals (ohh...there a lot of them and each has a lot of pages...).


I've learn how to make my system works. For this moment i have two PC's. Let's call them Historian Server Node and Interface Node (Interface Node is also my Node for display archive data -> the place where i can

trend data etc.). I think i configured it good (server (all needed mapping/trusts, interface/buffering and so on) and i've played with it for a while (building/changing points, changing archive data etc).

What i am struggling right now is automatic back up archive file/data.


What are your recomendation from your experience?

What about shiffting? Could i configure it as daily task?

The purpose of this research is to avoid future trouble with historian server and loosing archive data. For now i think the best idea is to shiffting every day (so, new day = new file for data). If something goes wrong

i loose only the current archive file.


Q.1.Data from the past will be good, i guess?

Q.2 What in situation when something went wrong and i need to reinstall system / historian server etc. When i copy/paste old archives and after that register them into new historian server. Do i need to config something else to

make them visibile for new historian server and available for the trends?



I know that mostly there is no short answer for back up subject but i'm sure that i can learn from your experience.

Any manuals and dedicated videos certainly welcome.